Small Rotary Screw Compressors

BLE 07 – BLE 22 Series

Gardner Denver oil injected screw compressorThe BLE 07 to BLE 22 series oil injected rotary screw compressors from Gardner Denver provide the ideal compact, economical compressor package for small compressor users. A compact design ensures a small footprint, especially important where space is at a premium, whilst our high efficiency airend lowers energy costs for the compressed air user. Working to precise manufacturing tolerances further lowers the life time operating costs of the BLE series compressors for a continuous supply of economic, reliable and high quality compressed air.

Technical Specification

  • Power rating 7.5 to 22 kW
  • Pressure 7.5 to 13 bar(g)
  • Free air delivery 0.85 to 3.65 m3/min

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BLE 30 – BLE 75 Series

Gardner Denver oil injected screw compressorBuilt to meet the most demanding specifications the Gardner Denver BLE 30 – BLE 75 belt driven fixed speed screw compressor range provides an energy efficient, quiet, reliable and high quality source of compressed air.
A safe and compact enclosure ensures noise levels as low as 68 dB(A) making these compressors ideal at point of use and eliminating the need for a separate compressor house and additional piping.
Fitted with the unique Gardner Denver inlet valve high performance is guaranteed. A reduced number of moving parts and ease of access ensures service work is effortless and lowers maintenance costs.
The BLE 30 – BLE 75 series compressors also come with a user friendly built-in controller display providing the user with operating and service information.
A number of special options are available.

Technical Specification

  • Power rating 30 to 75 kW
  • Pressure 7.5 to 13 bar(g)
  • Free air delivery 3.4 to 13 m3/min

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BL 150 – BL 400 Series

Gardner Denver oil injected screw compressorFor large compressed air users requiring optimum performance the BL 150 to BL 400 series rotary screw compressor is the industry’s choice, designed to meet the most demanding specification requirements.
Gardner Denver’s innovative design technology along with the integration of the advanced AirSmart controller provide for a highly energy efficient and reliable compressor.
Achieving the lowest total cost was a key consideration when building the BL 150 to BL 400 compressors. From energy costs to maintenance and spare parts costs, everything has been considered to achieve long term durability, energy efficiency and reliability.

Technical Specification

  • Power rating 110 to 300 kW
  • Pressure 7 to 14 bar(g)
  • Free air delivery 16.9 to 47.5 m3/min

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