Variable Displacement Screw Compressors

SAV 200 – SAV 550 Series

Gardner Denver oil injected screw compressorIf your compressed air demand fluctuates you could reduce your energy costs by installing a variable displacement screw compressor. The Gardner Denver SAV 200 – SAV 550 series rotary screw compressors uses a unique variable displacement technology which matches the compressor output to compressed air demand. This maximises the compressors efficiency by only compressing the volume of air required at any given time. The SAV series incorporates Gardner Denver’s patented TurnValve – the most efficient partial loss capacity control system in the industry. The TurnValve design eliminates wide pressure fluctuations. Coupled with the highly efficient Kypho™ rotor design, energy costs can be reduced by as much as 16%

Technical Specification

  • Power rating 149 to 410 kW
  • Pressure 7 to 10 bar(g)
  • Free air delivery 18.2 to 69 m3/min

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