Oil free rotary screw compressor

Enviroaire 15 – 110 Series
Enviroaire-2Many industries manufacture products which come into direct contact with compressed air such as in the food and drinks, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For many years now Gardner Denver has been helping these industries meet their quality and production objectives through delivering high quality and clean compressed air.
The Gardner Denver Enviroaire series oil free rotary screw compressors is 100% oil free. Absolutely no oil is present in any part of the compressor and no oil means – no risk of contamination. Operating an oil free compressor also reduces downtime eliminating oil filter maintenance and oil related waste disposal costs.
For the ultimate energy efficient solution where compressed air demand fluctuates, Enviroaire is available with a variable speed motor. Both fixed speed and variable speed versions are also available air or water cooled.

Technical Specification (Fixed Speed)

  • Power rating 15 to 37 kW
  • Pressure 8 to 10 bar(g)
  • Free air delivery 1.91 to 5.86 m3/min

Technical Specification (Variable Speed)

  • Power rating 15 to 110 kW
  • Pressure 5 to 10 bar(g)
  • Free air delivery 0.67 to 17.96 m3/min at 7 bar(g)

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